No matter how big or small your project is, it is a good idea to keep basic design in mind. It’s true, the devil is in the detail! Paying attention to seemingly small details will bring your design concept from basic to well thought out with little effort, if you follow these rules!


1. Create a Floor Plan

Measure out the space in your room and think about how everything will fit and flow. Why is this important? Start with the basics ie: the space you have and build from there. 

Knowing how big the room is and the space you have for your furniture will help you decide on what else to choose to maximise the space.

Floor Plan Bathroom


 2.Select a Style

While a home evolves over time, it is a good idea to have an overall vision for the style you are most drawn to – be it modern, boho, shabby chic, traditional or country.

When it comes to flooring however, it is advisable that you keep these choices neutral and timeless or reflective of your personality.  Choose well and your timber floor or tiles will last years. Don’t get to caught up in flooring trends – choose products you absolutely adore and you will love it for a lifetime.

Shabby Chic Grey Oak Kitchen Floor


3. Choose a colour palette

Think how you would like your home to feel. 

Dark and cosy? 

Light and airy? 

Soft and neutral?

Contemporary and slick?  Vibrant & Fun?

It can be a fantastic use of time to book a consultation to help choose your tiles and timber floors. It can help whittle down these decisions effortlessly and a well-trained eye can be beneficial in the process. Not only for style but for practicality and function too. 

Dark and moody colour palette example


4. Pattern

Introducing pattern into you home will add another dimension. This can be achieved in multiple ways. An engineered herringbone floor will add pattern but will still feel subtle as the timber is a natural product. 

Natural Boen Oak Herringbone Pattern Kitchen Floor

Another great place to use pattern is your entrance. Think gorgeous Victorian tiles leading up a path, or patterned hall tiles. This is how to welcome your visitors!

Modern pattern tile hallway inspiration

Bathroom tiles are another great spot to add personality and pattern. Botanical and tropical prints are a fantastic way to achieve this. Another option to add pattern could simply be in laying your pattern like chevron tiles, herringbone, vertically or horizontally stacked, brick effect tiles. Marble subways for example will give you subtle pattern, the grout you choose will decide on the overall look. 

Pattern bathroom tiles light and airy inspiration


5. Texture 

Texture is one of the most important elements of a home. Not just aesthetic but acoustics too as different materials will absorb sound. 

Texture can be brought into the home using a number of elements.

I love this recent customer project in Dublin where our customer used texture from the engineered herringbone, terrazzo floor and velvet furnishings. Bringing in plants and other materials like the lampshade all add to the texture of the space. 

Customer example of texture

As a home evolves changes occur naturally but keep texture in mind when you start out and you can’t go wrong. 

Adding some cool cushions, roman blinds or curtains will bring a tactile element to your home. 

Beechmount Home Park in Navan has some amazing spots to hit. Ebony Rose Interiors have some fabulous fabrics, wall papers and accessories, so whether you choose concrete effect tiles, marble effect porcelain or oak flooring you can add balance by adding layers.


6. Finishes

The devils in the detail! Never a truer word spoken. 

This customer project could have stopped at just the floor and painted the walls but look how the wall framing completes the space! 

Customer Example Chevron floor and Wall Panelling

The herringbone floor pops with the colour of the walls and the crisp clean lines of the skirting and cornicing.  

Another Grain & Groove customer photo here, the oak chevron floor is undeniably beautiful but look at how the wall panelling brings a touch of class to this hall. 


7. Follow Instagram accounts for Inspiration 

If you are embarking on a self build or buying a home, get on Instagram! Firstly, follow Irish accounts, this way you can see where others are sourcing their lovely products! 

@House_of_goose is a gorgeous family home where real life happens within. 

So many elements in this home that we adore! The master bathroom with pattern floor tiles is similar to this. Beautiful.

Master bedroom tiles inspiration from house of goose instagram

Follow @houseandhomemagazine  for some dreamy inspirational posts.

Follow John and Ann Lane as they complete the renovation of @20mainstreet an old Ulster Bank townhouse in Athboy using local and Irish products, trades and skills.

Bathroom inspiration from home renovation page 20mainstreet