Solving Client’s Problems, One Step at A Time

At Grain and Groove, we strive for the very best in customer service. We also pride ourselves on being able to come up with creative solutions to potential flooring problems. This is what brings us to an interesting solution to a recent customer “pain point”.

As part of this job, we were contracted by a lady in Malahide with the task of completely overhauling the entire flooring of her home. The client wanted high-quality timber flooring with an immaculate finish throughout the property, with the exception of tile flooring to be laid in the hallway.
During the initial site survey, the client also brought her open-plan stairs to our attention.
The client told us how they had always had an issue with the look and finish of the stairs. They were painted numerous times, but she couldn’t quite get them to “look right” or to fit in with the style of the rest of the property.
Now, this may be a flooring challenge for the light-hearted, but not for our experts. At Grain and Groove, we’re able to offer tailor-made solutions to each and every one of our clients.

The Solution

First things first, when choosing a flooring option for stairs, it’s worth noting that durability is key.
To solve the client’s problem, we decided on using the very same timber that we used for the flooring in order to ‘clad’ the pre-existing stairs. Now, it’s worth noting that we’re so confident in the durability of our work and products, that our engineered floors proudly come with guarantees!
To complete the job, the cladding process consisted of bonding and securing the timber boards on top of the old steps.
The finished product, as you can see from the photos, led to a beautiful and modern stylish appearance, allowing the open-plan stairs to now seamlessly flow with the style in rest of the home.
Our Services
If you’d like to know how we can help you to solve your flooring pain points, or if you need advice on which timber is best for you, just ask our experts.
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